Novice Gardeners, Fear Not, Links & Resources.

Check out this site for tons of help and info.

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this ones even better…
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Starting out?

If you’re starting out as a gardener, here are some F&F posts to get you going. Make sure you read our free guides on growing the most popular vegetables.

Composting, fertilisers and improving the soil

How to make good compost
Use coffee grounds to kickstart your compost
Household items for your compost heap
Green manures
Making comfrey tea
Take our week-long series of tutorials on improving your soil

Seed starting

How to give your seeds the best start
Making newspaper pots
How long do vegetable seeds stay viable for?

Planning your plot

Crop rotation

Pests and diseases

Fighting tomato blight
Keeping slugs and snails off your plants
Companion planting to protect your plants
Repelling aphids with lemon spray


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