Build A Wall Of Strawberries

Build A Wall Of Strawberries

How to Build A Wall Of Strawberries


Teaching my kids where their food comes from and helping them to feel a connection to the world around them is important to me.  Gardening with kids is the perfect way to do this.  This year we wanted to do some fun things in the yard with our almost 2 year old.  We decided to build a wall of strawberries.  What kid doesn’t love strawberries?

The project is quite simple.  All you need is a used pallet,  potting soil, and some landscape fabric.  And strawberries, of course.  I highly recommend using organic strawberries and growing them without harmful pesticides.  Strawberries have long been on the Dirty Dozen List as one of the fruits and veggies to definitely eat organic because of how much of the pesticides and herbicides they absorb.  Pallets are pretty easy to come by around here.  We see them for free all over the place.  We decided to do 2 pallets next to each other because everyone in our house LOVES strawberries.

The end result is a fun wall of strawberries that kids can easily see and get to.  What I love most about this is that it keeps the strawberries off of the ground and out of the dirt.  The downfall has been that little one constantly picks off all of the strawberries, even the ones that aren’t ripe.  Oh, well!!


How to Build a Wall of Strawberries



one used pallet

landscape fabric (like this)

Heavy duty stapler (like this)

5 cubic feet of potting soil (like this)

20-25  organic strawberry plants

Cover back of pallet with landscape fabric



Fill pallet with potting soil


fill Collage


Plant strawberries


plant Collage


Now allow strawberries to sit on ground for 2 weeks to settle in.  Keep evenly watered.



After 2 weeks, carefully stand pallets upright.  Plant the upper edge with strawberries if desired.


wall Collage

Add drip lines to keep strawberries evenly watered in hot weather (optional)


drip Collage



How to Build a Wall of Strawberries




Be sure to safely secure the pallet either against a wall or with stakes to prevent from falling or injuring anyone.  We also found that slightly angling the pallet backward allowed for more even watering. 

Also, be sure to choose pallets that have not been treated chemically.  Use ones that have been heat treated only.  To learn more, read THIS

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