Natural Pest Control

We believe the logical solution to organic pest control is to create a balance of organisms in your yard or garden. In a diverse ecosystem pest populations are regulated naturally. Development of this balance relies on products that minimize harm to pollinators and other beneficial insects. Traps & Pheromone Lures are used to identify the presence of pests, and to help control them. If garden pests are present the least-toxic solutions should be used first — Barriers & Repellents, Beneficial Insects, Biological Pesticides, Soaps and Oils — with the more toxic (but short lived) Botanical or Natural Pesticides used only if necessary.

  • Traps & Lures

    Traps & Lures

    Containing NO toxins, traps use lures, visual cues or food to catch the “bad guys.”

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  • Barriers & Repellents

    Barriers & Repellents

    These easy to use deterrents protect your yard and gardens without harming a thing!

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  • Beneficial Insects

    Beneficial Insects

    Our large selection helps you match the correct predator/ parasite to the problem.

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  • Biopesticides


    Biological pesticides are based on SAFE, naturally occurring bacteria, protozoa and fungi.

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  • Soaps, Oils & More!

    Soaps, Oils & More!

    Made from minimally processed ingredients that are safer than traditional sprays.

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  • Botanical Insecticides

    Botanical Insecticides

    Derived from plants, botanical insecticides provide a quick “knock down” when needed.

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  • Flea & Tick

    Flea & Tick

    Get rid of of annoying fleas and ticks once and for all without harmful poisons.

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  • Fungicides & Plant Disease

    Fungicides & Plant Disease

    We offer least-toxic and earth-friendly fungicides to prevent most plant diseases.

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